Spot a Fake Designer Makeup with These Clever Tips


As you all know, the current market is filled with counterfeits of high-end cosmetic brands. These fake products are not only unhealthy but also may end up leaving you feeling upset or tricked. We have compiled several resourceful tips that will safeguard you from such scams in addition to maintain a counterfeit free cosmetic collection.

First of all, if you want to avoid counterfeits you must buy your products from authorized cosmetic retailers. This advice is worth being put into consideration even though it may sound obvious. You may be surprised to find some of the counterfeit cosmetic in even large stores. As a result, check out the product manufacturer’s website for the list of the available retailers who can be trusted for authentic products. Even though designer beauty products tend to be expensive you can benefit from the reduced price that usually offered sometimes by official retailers. However, be keen on the products that come along with extremely high discounts since this is major sign of fake items. Unfortunately, high prices are not a guarantee of authenticity, but genuine products cannot be sold at an 80% discount. You can request for a certificate of quality from the assistant before you buy a product. Do not purchase the products if they lack the certificate or refuse to produce it.

The packaging can tell whether a product is genuine or not. Some of the counterfeits are well crafted and would not be easy to spot them out from the real ones while others are so bad to an extent where their fakeness is spotted at first sight. In order to make sure that you are purchasing the legit products, look at its appearance and features from the manufacturer’s website and see if they match what you are offered. Signs of counterfeit can be spotted even from the smallest details such size of packaging, the color, weight and even the font used. You cannot weigh the product in the shop but by simply holding the product in your hand you can notice the difference. You will know the product you are holding is fake whenever it feels much lighter than expected.

An authentic can be noticed by its bar code, manufacturing information and serial number. A genuine product will have the first 2 or 3 numbers of its bar code matching the country of production which is printed either on the product or the packaging. Most fake products lack serial numbers while others have serial numbers of the box and the product mismatching. It is essential to check if the numbers are matching before deciding to purchase a product. Additionally, genuine products will provide information of the ingredients used for manufacturing. The product will also provide extra information about the cosmetic in various languages. Only fake products will contain too little information on their packages.

The authenticity of a high-end cosmetic product can be asserted by checking the product’s shades. Fake blushes, powders, shadows and lipsticks are usually released in different shades if compared with the real products. You may have to check out the product’s colors from manufacturer’s website before purchase so as to avoid being conned.

Take note of the product’s consistency and smell. Authentic products, especially matte ones do not contain any unfitting sparkles or any type of strange elements. Creamy cosmetics are not supposed to include or separate any impurities. Fake lipsticks can be noticed from their imperfections and less attractive appearance. An unadulterated designer mascara will always feature a very light smell that is pleasant but fake ones tend to be heavily perfumed or awful smelling. Furthermore, a fake mascara’s wand appears much different from the real product.

You can also know a genuine product from the sponges and brushes included in the packaging. You can easily know whether a product is fake or not by simply inspecting the sponges and brushes even if the packages seem genuine. The differences may appear on the color, overall quality, shape or size of the brush and sponge. Before you buy a product you can try out a test make up. The cosmetic testers found in store is for you to enjoy and so take your time on it to get more information of the product. You must note that first-class blushes and shadows do not slide off or smear in the course of the day. Genuine designer mascara should not crumble while lipsticks always apply evenly and smoothly.

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