Effective Methods of Identifying A Fake Designer Handbag


There is that one handbag that has completely switched your admiration. All your attention is directed to it and so you decide to save some cash in order to purchase your new dream handbag. However, have you ever considered that the market also entails many retailers who sell fake or very good replica designer bags? Before buying any item, you must check out the small details of your dream bag. These details are the ones that make it legit just like luxury cars bought by men. Here is our short and very valuable guide that will enable you to avoid going for the fake copies as opposed to the real deal.


As indicated, you must pay attention to the details of the item you want to purchase. World’s big and famous companies carefully check their products for perfection before releasing them into the market. Make sure that the item you are purchasing does not have any loose threads, imperfections, visual defects and got all stitches perfectly even. Do not fall into the seller’s trap and be convinced that the item got manufacturing defects, every legit designer handbag is usually handbag. An authentic handbag does not possess any manufacturing defects.

Buttons, clasps and zippers are other small things that you should pay attention to. Designer handbags have perfect and quality zipper pulls, locks, metal clasps, buttons and plates. As a sign of authenticity and quality the items may have names or numbers printed on them. A good example of this is Hermes bag which is detailed with ‘Hermes Paris made in France’ stamp logo. On the back of the bag another stamp with a flag showcasing material used and year of production can be noticed.

The materials used is essential in determining the realness of a designer handbag. Instead of the usual rough leather a famous designer brand will go for high-quality materials that are usually fine. Sticky and oily behavior is not an option on leather trim items. Even though few designer handbags are flexible and soft they are supposed to keep their original shape in any case. The main detail that sets a handbag apart from the rest is the brand name. You may find yourself going into much deeper details, but a brand name is the main thing that showcases legality. A shocking fact is that fake handbags may misspell the brand name or print it in different smudgy letters and fonts. The labels and tags usually giveaway fake items.


Another mark of authenticity is the serial number of the item. A legit handbag has its serial number on the label which is attached and sealed exceptionally to make its removal without damage impossible. In fake items the number is removable since it is just on a sticker which can be glued anywhere on the bag surface. It is essential to acknowledge the packaging of most expensive designer handbags is composed using materials with very high-quality. Do not accept color defect on the packaging of your costly bag. The additional accessories needed are supposed to be packed together with the bag as a set. Moreover, expensive designer bags are never given as gifts or provided for extra costs.

Each designer bag has its own distinct characteristics. Therefore, it is important that a small research is conducted on the chosen item prior to visiting a store. Check on the specific attributes of the brand since each has its own unique features. For instance, a Prada item that is authentic will never choose a conflicting color for its lining if compared with the external paint. Therefore, before buying any Prada item you have to acknowledge that they always make their exterior and lining in colors that are perfectly matching. You will have to check out for a wholly woven brand logo with distinctive bright red lining when it comes to Dior. You can consider it a bad sign if the lining turns out super silky and shiny.

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